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Our qualified healthcare staff creates Security and Time Saving

With our experienced healthcare staff, we at InnoVacc ensure that you as a customer have a fast, accessible and credible opportunity to reduce the spread of infection.

We offer both individual tests with a certificate and a company certificate that shows your customers that you follow the Swedish Public Health Agency’s recommendations.

The recommendations of the public health authorities

Add Screening to workplaces as a complement to other protective measures

When there is a widespread spread of infection in society, screening with antigen tests can be a complement to the protective measures that an employer can take in workplaces where it is not possible to work remotely. The purpose is to detect infection in people who do not feel they have symptoms and reduce the risk of the infection spreading in the workplace.

The guidance emphasizes that the screening must be voluntary for the employee and that it constitutes one of several parts of the protective measures taken by the employer. Screening with antigen tests should not replace other protective measures. The employer who assesses that screening with antigen tests is an important complement needs to take responsibility for preparing an action plan that includes that competence to perform screening and routines for handling test results are in place.


  • Testing of Antigen, PCR and antibodies
  • Recurrent rapid tests (Antigen)
  • Quick personal feedback within 30 minutes
  • For traveling staff, signed internationally approved travel certificate by a doctor, both PCR and Antigen as well as antibody test.

Without subscription
399 SEK/test

Subscription 1 month at a time, 2 tests/week/person
Less than 5 people: 385 SEK/test
5-10 people: 370 SEK/test
More than 10 people: 350 SEK/test
Signed medical certificate to the company to show to your customers, that the staff has been tested and the date they were tested
(For tests of 2 times/week/person)

Tax-free and right to deduct

The tests are a tax-free benefit for the employees. According to the Swedish Tax Agency, it is a tax-free preventive treatment. There will therefore be no employer contributions on the benefit of the free tests.

The company also receives a deduction for the cost of the tests.

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